what we have

Think FIT! not fried, not baked.

FITTO chips is a popped whole grain chips. Made from 100% whole grain brown, black and red rices and whole corn. no wheat and flour added. So, it is low calories, gluten free, no trans fat and cholesterol, source of fiber and etc. Apart from the benefits outlined above, we ensure FITTO chips deliver extraordinary taste as well because we believe that healthy snacks do not need to taste bad.

Well! let's start-off with our 3 flavors, original, spicy bbq and cheese.

TRY them and you'll LOVE them...


Basic is always the real beauty of the taste. 

Spicy BBQ

Special combination of all real ingredients plus a little spice from Thai chilli. Absolutely full of flavor, perfect for everyday snacking!


Irresistible sweet yet bit salty cheese flavor. Enjoy this taste and couldn't be happier.

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